Saturday, 20 August 2016


Perspective is not about what you see but the meaning you label to it.
I am faced with a situation of how life has happened. But then what really matters are how we view life from the angle we tend to look at things.
Life dishes in our face different scenarios but we are left to interpret those scenarios in way that will set us free rather than lock us up
I remember growing up, I had an amazing(I call it amazing now but then I described it otherwise) experience, I met my mum and dad not in the best of moods after having the couple not happy drama and I was trying to approach my mum to tell her something I believed could help the situation and the next thing that happened was just a feeling that I got that I could not relate why and how but here was I standing in front of my mum who had just given me a resounding slap that has left me wondering “why did you not just listen to me first?”

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Smile Because You Can

Is it possible to stay smiling? A question someone asked me the other day. I sat on this question for a while because I had previously had a conversation with a friend and he goes, you are never smiling, you should learn to keep smiling so people will know you are approachable.
I wondered why should I just keep smiling even when walking on the road. But the day I tried it, I got these 3 answers,

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Seeking Social Validation

Seeking Social Validation....I AM, ARE YOU? Ohhhh! Scratch that.

Let us start over…

Hey awesome people, I feel so glad having to come drop my 0.5 cents on what I feel on my areas of concentration.

Where did it all go wrong? Are the gyms suddenly increasing in their numbers making people lose who they truly are?

Saturday, 30 July 2016

The Journey To Self-Awareness
A lot has been said about mission, purpose and passion, people who do not connect with these almost feel there is something wrong with them, but hey! there is nothing wrong. I totally understand because I have been there, what in heaven’s name does passion mean, what in heaven’s name does purpose mean? I asked all these questions because then I could not connect with what people were saying about purpose, passion, mission and vision and how it related to me. I could not stop asking, must everyone have a purpose, passion, mission and vision?
The answer is a big YES and that was the reason why we were all created, if you have not discovered yours does not mean it does not exist, but to discover your purpose, something must be done first.
I soon got to realise I did not understand any of these questions because I really and truly did not understand WHO I WAS. I really was not aware to Self, I did not understand my values, I never took time to imagine if I even had a skill, I lived everyday as it came. I INTENTIONALLY had to go through the process of getting to know, understand me for me, my skills, knowledge, values and responsibilities and hidden in all of these came the answer to my question of must everyone have a vision, purpose, passion and mission.
I will share on that today as I know there are people out there who have same question bothering them.
It is called the journey to Self-Awareness (My little secret for discovering who you truly are)

Sunday, 24 July 2016

My Bus Driver Experience (Anger Management)

was heading to the saloon from work and on getting to the first saloon being carried in a vehicle, I did not find the stylist I was looking for, I decided to go try my other saloon and since the vehicle had left and so I decided to join a bus. 

After a long day at work, it was not the best feeling to hear a driver who is screaming at everyone in the bus, not even feeling like though he spoke to humans, but hey, I was in and the only thing I could do was wait until I get to my destination. 

I tried making my payments on time because I knew I did not have the exact amount and I needed the driver to get the change before I get to where I will highlight but then he responded as though I was the devil he had a fight with in his dream, so much anger in his voice that I almost did not understand what I said wrong, with my tired self, I did not even have the strength to respond as I knew that was going to lead to different type of things, so I rather held myself and let him take the lead. 

Getting to my place of highlighting, I finally gave him the money and while I was still trying to get out of the bus he decided to start collecting money from everyone and that was going to keep me waiting for a long time, I waited for a while and then I asked for my change, at first it seemed like I was talking to myself but that did not stop me because I was running late, when I asked the next time, he looked at me, sighed and threw the money on the floor then drove off and I was left with the option of picking the money from the floor. At first, I was so upset, my heart was swelling, I could literally just quit all I have to do and go home, I was wondering what on earth will make a driver throw money on the floor. 

But then as I watched the bus drive off, I quickly reminded myself that there are lessons to learn from everything and this was just a test of how well I can take control of my emotions

I was able to manage myself well and had a happy day after all not minding how close anger looked me in the eyes and I said, I am not cut out for this. 

This did not happen as magic, they are things I have gotten to understand and put to practise.

So for the next 5 Tuesdays, I will be doing a few in-depth training on anger management, its cycles, triggers, the Do’s and Don’ts, gaining control and solving the problem.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Making Wise Use of your Time

"Tick Says the Clock, Tick Tick, what you have to do, do quick"

Does this song sound familiar to anyone? I am sure the Ajebutters will relate better. 

Happy Sunday Lovelies. 

I was journeying home from church today and that song came to mind. Nursery rhymes we sang without placing any meaning to it. 

But as I sang it in my head, I heard it speak to me and I thought to share with you. You know I love it when I discuss with you. 

Never assume you have all the time in the world for you to take your time procrastinating and dragging your feet in getting things done. 

Time waits for no one and like my song goes, tick says the clock. The clock keeps ticking it does not stop(I wonder) even  though some days you pray for it to pause for a while and wait for you but then trust me, If wishes were horses.

It is important that as we try to do everything and anything we should also try to manage our time, by treating priorities before minorities. 
Give little or no room to distractions. Have a plan, set your realistic goals in measurable manner. 

Work on better and more productive ways to getting things done. Technology has come to help us, find out the app or drive that can help you achieve a task faster. 

Use time wisely because remember Tick says the Clock, Tick tick, what you have to do, do quick. 

I am considering coming live to share my messages rather than writing. But for now the ministry must still keep moving. 

I love you all and I know you can do it because IT IS POSSIBLE. I believe so much in you. 

I will like to know how many of us sang this song in Nursey school, please reply with "Aunty I" in the comment box. 
Let us sieve the Ajebutter from AjeKpako.


Find out things(app, gadget or articles) you can use to enhance your time. 

I will be sharing a new finding tomorrow, I saw it and I loved it, I believe you should too, I am sorry, I feel like I should just keep writing. 

But I have to run, Sunday Jollof Rice Loading topped with Chicken and ......byee.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

The Person in the Waiting Room.

I was having a meeting with one of my mentors today and it brought a light bulb moment(God bless mentors) 

He made me understand that sometimes you do not just have to settle for anything, all you need do is just keep waiting. 

You do not necessarily have to take that leap from your job just because the next looks enticing and hell no this other job did not just soothe you anymore. It's possible that where you are does not suit you but it does not necessarily mean that just any leap is the leap for you. 

A few questions have to be answered first and I will be talking about the most important question:

Does it give you peace? 

It is possible that something looks so nice, it even coincidentally tallies with what you have set your mind to achieve but then does it give you peace on your inside. 

The very clear truth is we all know when we are at peace with something or someone and when we naturally do not welcome them from within but we try so hard to bake the situation and just go with the excuse of it tallies with what I told God or what I imagined in this year 2016. 

The question is not about the tally, it is about the peace because that is the clearest way of making a decision and if you get sincere with yourself, you just make that decision to stay waiting. 

Who says it's easy, when almost the truth stares you in your face. 

But ask yourself would you rather settle for almost the truth or stay waiting for the truth. 

The truth is not a myth, it is a reality.